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Original Jack Herer™

Choose The Original Jack Herer™ for top-shelf takes on a California classic. The Original Jack Herer™ showcases premium Jack Herer harvests with bud jars, prerolls and smooth-vaping oil.


High quality and high-THC, Infusio™ is for experienced fans of recreational cannabis to enjoy by day, by night & anytime. Infuse your world with cannabis power in flower, oil, resin and crystalline forms.

Dr Delights™

Dr. Delights™ believes that when it comes to cannabis, predictability is exciting! We aim to support healthy, happy lifestyles with custom connections to Mother Nature. Choose from our diverse tinctures, vape pens and salve for tailored “a la carte” cannabis experiences.

Hand crafted artisanal cannabis fused with the latest scientific breakthroughs from the finest family farms in California.

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