Herer Group is a corporate umbrella overseeing vertically integrated companies in the California cannabis market. The Group manages Herer Distribution, Herer Manufacturing, and Herer Labs & Research. All divisions are based in Santa Cruz, California.

First, Herer Distribution works directly with cannabis farmers and vendors. The company purchases trimmed organic harvests from family-sized California farms; checks their chemistry with Herer Labs; and sells wholesale bulk cannabis to licensed cannabis dispensaries statewide.

Next, Herer Manufacturing also receives bulk cannabis to craft a variety of consumer products such as salves, tinctures, vape pen oils and solid concentrates. Some products are for wholesale distribution. Others are designed for brands licensed to Herer Group: Dr. Delights, Infusio and The Original Jack Herer.

Finally, Herer Labs & Research tests raw plant material and finished products for purity and potency. The company also conducts research for product development and to support the expansion of pesticide-free cannabis agriculture.

Herer Group supports the Jack Herer Foundation, a 501(c)(3) established for hemp education.

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