Dr. Delights

Dr. Delights is a wellness-focused cannabis company based in Santa Cruz, California. Our mission is to support healthy, happy lifestyles by offering customized connections to Mother Nature. The variety in our product lineup lets people create tailored “a la carte” cannabis experiences with delightfully predictable and consistent outcomes.

Dr. Delights cannabis vape oils, tinctures and salves feature diverse concentrations of cannabinoids to support goals ranging from mental clarity to pain relief and restful sleep.

The main players for Dr. Delights are cannabis-derived full-spectrum CBD (cannabidiol), delta-8 THC and delta-9 THC. Additionally most formulas feature compounds from other plants traditionally used for healing, such as essential oils of chamomile and lemongrass. All Dr. Delights products contain 100% plant extracts… except for our all-purpose salve, which also contains beeswax. We source organic products from the Herer Group of California family farms.

Since startup in 2014 our company has been homegrown by friends and family in partnership with local medical doctors, pharmacists and other scientists. Dr. Delights products are available to licensed cannabis dispensaries across California.


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